NFT Trader
Collection Verification Process
NFT Trader offers that extra protective layer to help users certify if an NFT collection has been verified or not.

Take comfort with trading on our protocol

NFT Trader has introduced a new feature that helps verify a collection inside the platform which is delegated to the users with the ability to add collections.
This is an important step ahead because it allows users to swap assets without waiting for the slow verification process from the previous version. But you might ask how we can keep a sufficient level of security level by allowing at the same time the delegation for the ability to add collections by users?
Our system has introduced an internal verification process for the collections. Users will be able to see the verification status by looking for the process mark status icon placed in the bottom right part of a collection image.
We have introduced the following 3 levels of verification inside our platform:
A verified collection is a SAFE TO TRADE collection. This mark icon is given to the official collections only.
Not verified yet
A not verified yet collection is a collection under the verification status process. This means the platform hasn't verified yet if the collection is safe to trade.
A banned collection is a collection unsecure and unsafe. These collections are created by scammers and blacklisted by NFT Trader. It is not possible to make trades with the assets involved with these collections.
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