The NFT Trader (Loopz) SDK provides developers with the ability to implement their own chat functionality within their platforms. This is a powerful tool when you want to add real-time features to a dApp, marketplace, or game.

To ensure a high level of security, the NFT Trader (Loopz) chat supports end-to-end encryption, ensuring that only the users involved in a conversation can access their messages.

In this guide, we will describe how to implement this solution effectively.

The chat functionalities are not limited to allowing developers to create communication layers with their users, but also to receiving real-time information about received messages, newly created conversations, member expulsions from a group, and more.

When implemented correctly, the classes included in the Chat package allow developers to create their own messaging client, leveraging NFT Trader (Loopz) technology.

Our platform is a practical example: through our SDK, we have created a client that allows users to exchange messages, create conversations, conduct trades in chat, and more.

Hybrid Approach

Our hybrid approach combines the benefits of web2 architecture, which guarantees high performance, with the possibilities offered by web3 technology, such as trading and other advanced operations.

End-to-End Encryption

To ensure maximum security for users, we have implemented end-to-end encryption. Although messages are saved within our platform's databases, we do not have access to their content, as only the end user possesses the keys necessary for decryption. This encryption extends to all operations that the user can perform in chat, including group images, group descriptions, messages, trades conducted in chat, and more.

The management of public and private key pairs is handled by the Node Forge library, a powerful external tool to the SDK that we highly recommend installing. Forge is secure, small in size, and easily integrable into any project.


npm install node-forge

You can find the official repository of the library following this link.

Considerations on Our Web3 Architecture and Future Developments

We are aware that our chat architecture may appear centralized, which could be problematic for web3 purists. However, we have chosen a prudent approach, providing a web3 user experience even with traditional architecture. This allows us to quickly develop an efficient messaging service without depending on a decentralized network of community nodes. It also enables us to assess whether users truly appreciate the benefits of a decentralized service.

Despite the appeal of web3 technology, most users still use centralized messaging services such as WhatsApp, Telegram, LINE, and WeChat, which have billions of active users every day.

Our strategy, though cautious, envisions a gradual transformation of the architecture towards greater decentralization, involving the community in managing p2p messaging nodes.

We invite developers and community members to join our Discord server and share ideas and suggestions in our dedicated forum.

NFT Trader (Loopz) aims to engage the web3 community in various ways. Our journey will be long and hopefully fun! Our goal is to promote the adoption of web3 by end users, proceeding step by step.

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