Loopz is the evolution of NFT Trader, a project by Salad Labs Inc., a Canadian 🇨🇦 startup founded by John Pak and Mattia Migliore. Our mission? To revolutionize the world of digital trading with security, ease, and a touch of fun!

At first glance, the world of web3 can seem complex. There are many concepts to grasp and numerous variables to consider when wanting to invest in an NFT or simply purchase one for the pleasure of owning a digital asset. The motivations for buying or selling are entirely personal, and everyone follows their own logic.

During the years spent developing applications in the web3 space, we have often pondered the fundamental pillars that a contemporary user should consider when approaching this sector. Our technology reflects our belief: NFTs are, first and foremost, digital assets that can have multiple uses, ranging from pure art to gaming. But what can we do with these assets? We can buy them, sell them, or even trade them. This is essentially what today's marketplaces allow us to do.

However, the result is a strong fragmentation and the presence of multiple platforms, ranging from messaging and aggregation (like Discord with its communities) to pure buying and selling (such as OpenSea or Blur). This creates extremely complex conditions for a novice user trying to navigate the space. In this context, scammers have had an easy time, repeatedly defrauding unsuspecting or inattentive users. The fragmentation of communication channels has paradoxically generated confusion and insecurity. It is too easy, with tools like Discord, to create bots, impersonate others, start chats, and pretend to own assets that one does not actually possess. The same thing happens on Twitter. Additionally, it is extremely inconvenient to open 4 or 5 applications simultaneously for an action that could be performed on a single platform.

For this reason, we decided to create NFT Trader (Loopz). We aim to offer a solution that is easy to use for less experienced users and provide a tool that seeks to remove all this unnecessary redundancy. Why should you open 4 different applications to purchase an NFT and chat on 2 different platforms with people whose identities you do not know, when you can do it all on a single platform that allows you to perform these operations within a chat? Our goal is to make trading or buying and selling NFTs as easy as sending a GIF or a sticker to a friend on applications like WhatsApp, Telegram, or LINE.

Our Roots

Originally, NFT Trader was created to solve a huge problem in the NFT space: scams. Scammers would impersonate others or send fraudulent links to steal digital assets. NFT Trader was the answer, creating a safe way to trade NFTs between real and trusted users.

The Birth of the Idea

The idea for NFT Trader began to take shape between 2017 and 2018, when NFTs started making waves on the Ethereum blockchain. By 2020, the project had taken off for real. Thanks to the NFT boom, the platform saw fantastic organic growth, reaching impressive trading volumes.

The Future with Loopz

Today, with Loopz, we are taking everything to the next level. Loopz was born from the need to provide a single platform that allows messaging and NFT trading in a simple and secure way. Nowadays, to do all this, users need to consult several marketplaces simultaneously and use external messaging services like Discord or X (formerly Twitter). This can be frustrating and inefficient.

Loopz is the solution to all of this. We have integrated all these functionalities into one platform, making it easier and more immediate to trade NFTs and cryptocurrencies, communicate with other users, and manage digital assets. On Loopz, you can chat, create groups, post, and start conversations, all while conducting digital trades securely and transparently.

And that's not all! We are working on introducing communities dedicated to the world of NFTs, where enthusiasts like you can join, interact, and grow together in a unique space.

In short, our mission is to build a digital ecosystem that is secure, innovative, and fun, where communication and the exchange of digital assets can thrive. Loopz is more than a technological evolution: it's a promise of security and innovation in the world of digital trading.

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