TypeScript SDK

The NFT Trader (Loopz) TypeScript SDK allows developers to deeply interact with the platform's services, offering maximum flexibility to create custom services. Our goal was to develop an SDK that is easy to use, capable of executing complex operations with the fewest lines of code possible.

With the SDK, you can create a client capable of performing various operations, customizable according to specific needs. As outlined in the "Getting Started" section, the operations are divided into five categories, represented by five classes. Each class enables the client to perform the following functions:

  • Authentication: managed by the Auth class.

  • Chat: managed by the Chat class and its derived objects.

  • Trading: managed by the Trade class.

  • Social: managed by the Post class.

  • Consultation: managed by the Oracle class.

These classes contain all the necessary methods to create a functional client. Since the classes are independent of each other, you can combine their functionalities according to the project's needs. For example, you can create a marketplace using the Oracle, Auth, and Trade classes, or develop a simple messaging service using only the Auth and Chat classes. The possibilities are numerous and depend on the specific requirements of the project.

To use the NFT Trader (Loopz) SDK, an API key is required. You can obtain the API key by filling out the form available on the dedicated SDK website or by sending a request to info@nfttrader.io. Once obtained, the API key must be provided to the objects during instantiation, as will be explained in the following sections.

The SDK is distributed as an npm package, easily installable with the following command:

npm i @nfttrader-io/sdk

This command will install the latest available version on your machine.

It is important to note that the TypeScript SDK is only available for client-side frameworks such as React, Angular, or Vue, as the library is framework-agnostic. While there are no specific contraindications for using it in Node.js, the functionalities are limited concerning all interactions with wallets.

Now, let's describe the first class, which is dedicated to managing authentication.

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