NFT Nexus is an imaginary Marketplace created to provide an example of how our SDK could be used in a similar scenario.


Imagine an NFT marketplace called "NFT Nexus" designed to offer a simple and secure buying, selling, and trading experience for NFTs. By integrating our SDK, NFT Nexus provides users with secure authentication, end-to-end encrypted chat, NFT trading, metadata consultation, and social features, creating a cohesive and user-friendly environment for all marketplace participants.


Security is a priority for NFT Nexus. When users first access the platform, they are greeted by a login screen that uses our SDK for authentication. They can choose from various login methods, including Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, Wallet Connect, and Fortmatic. After selecting their preferred method and signing an authentication request with their wallet, users gain secure access to the marketplace services.


NFT Nexus integrates an end-to-end encrypted chat function based on our SDK, allowing users to communicate directly with each other securely. Collectors can discuss transaction details, sellers can answer questions about their NFTs, and users can participate in group discussions on specific topics. The encryption ensures that all communications are private and protected.


NFT Nexus's trading function is designed to be intuitive and powerful. Using our SDK, users can create trading operations with other marketplace members. They can select the NFTs they want to buy, sell, or trade, set the transaction conditions, and send trade proposals. This system makes buying, selling, and trading NFTs simple and secure, enhancing the overall user experience.


NFT Nexus offers an advanced consultation function thanks to our Oracle integration. Users can access detailed information about NFT collections, individual NFT metadata, and transaction history. This function is essential for collectors and investors who want to verify the authenticity and value of NFTs before making a purchase.


One of NFT Nexus's distinctive features is the socialization function. Users can create public posts using our SDK, sharing their preferences, seeking interested collectors, or simply participating in community discussions. These posts are visible to all marketplace users, allowing social interactions that facilitate negotiations and the discovery of new trading opportunities.

Detailed Scenario

Day 1: Registration and First Login

Bob, an NFT collector, discovers NFT Nexus through a blog. He visits the site and decides to register. At the login screen, Bob chooses to use Coinbase Wallet for authentication. After opening the Coinbase app on his phone, he signs the authentication request displayed on the screen. This process, made possible by our SDK, ensures that only Bob can access his account, protecting his digital assets.

Day 2: Exploring the Chat Function

The next day, Bob explores NFT Nexus's chat function. He wants to negotiate directly with a seller about an NFT he found interesting. Thanks to the end-to-end encryption offered by our SDK, Bob can start a private conversation with the seller, discussing details like price and NFT characteristics. This level of communication security gives Bob the confidence to negotiate openly without worrying about privacy.

Day 3: Creating a Trading Operation

After agreeing on terms with the seller, Bob uses NFT Nexus's trading function to create a purchase operation. He selects the desired NFT and sets the agreed price. The seller receives the trade proposal notification and, after verifying the details, accepts the operation. Our SDK facilitates the transaction, ensuring that the NFT is securely transferred from the seller to Bob.

Day 4: Consulting NFT Metadata

Before completing another transaction, Bob wants to verify the authenticity of another NFT. He uses NFT Nexus's consultation function to access the NFT's metadata. Thanks to the Oracle integrated into our SDK, Bob can see the provenance of the piece, its transaction history, and other critical information. This transparency allows him to make informed decisions, increasing his confidence in the marketplace.

Day 5: Socializing in the Community

Bob decides to share his positive experience with NFT Nexus and seek new collectors interested in trading NFTs. He uses the socialization function to create a public post, describing his preferences and the artworks he seeks. The NFT Nexus community responds quickly, with many users showing interest. This social interaction not only facilitates negotiations but also enriches Bob's overall experience on the platform.


NFT Nexus is an example of how our SDK can transform an NFT marketplace into an integrated and secure platform. With features for authentication, chat, trading, consultation, and socialization, NFT Nexus offers an unparalleled user experience, reducing complexity and increasing security. Our SDK enables platforms like NFT Nexus to provide a comprehensive service that meets the needs of collectors and sellers in the web3 world.

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