How to create a Post

Loopz will bring new functionalities into the platform and the ecosystem. We will update this guide once everything will be setup properly. This guide is related to the current platform functionalities.

Creation of a Post

Step 1: Set Up Post Conditions

  1. Log in to Your Account: Ensure you are logged into your NFT Trader (Loopz) account and your wallet is connected.

  2. Navigate to Create Post: Go to the "Create Post" section on the platform.

  3. Select a Greeting Type: Choose a greeting type from the available options to personalize your post.

  4. Specify What You Are Looking For: Indicate whether you are seeking a specific NFT collection or native blockchain tokens.

    • For Collections: Enter the name of the collection or use the search function to find it.

    • For Tokens: Select the native token of the blockchain you are operating on.

  5. Specify What You Are Offering in Return: Decide whether you will select specific NFTs to offer or leave the choice open to the counterparty.

  6. Set Post Duration: Choose how long you want your post to remain active. This could range from a few hours to several days.

Step 2: Select Collections/Tokens You Are Seeking (Optional)

  1. Search for Collections: If you indicated you are looking for a specific collection, use the search bar to find and select the desired NFT collections.

  2. Choose Tokens: If you are looking for tokens, select the native token from the list provided.

Step 3: Select NFTs to Offer in Exchange (Optional)

  1. Choose Specific NFTs: If you decided to offer specific NFTs, browse your wallet's NFT collection and select the ones you are willing to trade.

  2. Leave Choice Open: If you opted to let the counterparty choose, you can skip this step. Ensure this option is clearly indicated in your post conditions.

Step 4: Create the Post and Sign with Your Wallet

  1. Review Post Details: Before finalizing, review all the details of your post to ensure accuracy.

  2. Create Post: Click on the "Create Post" button.

  3. Sign with Wallet: You will be prompted to sign the post with your connected wallet to verify your identity and the authenticity of the post.

  4. Confirmation: Once signed, your post will be created and visible to the community, allowing potential trade partners to view and engage with your offer.

By following these steps, you can successfully create a post on NFT Trader (Loopz) and engage in secure and social NFT trading.

Is it safe create a Post with the new posting system?

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