FantasyRealm is an imaginary MMORPG created to provide an example of how our SDK could be used in a similar scenario.


Imagine an online game called "FantasyRealm," an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) that integrates our SDK to offer players an innovative and secure gaming experience. FantasyRealm leverages our technology for secure authentication, end-to-end encrypted communication, in-game item (NFT) trading, metadata consultation, and social interactions, creating a rich and immersive gaming environment.


Security is paramount in FantasyRealm. When players first log in, they are greeted by a login screen that uses our SDK for authentication. Players can choose from various login methods, including Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, Wallet Connect, and Fortmatic. After selecting their preferred method and signing an authentication request with their wallet, players gain secure access to their game accounts.


FantasyRealm integrates an end-to-end encrypted chat function based on our SDK, allowing players to communicate securely. Players can chat with their friends, form groups for missions, and participate in guild discussions. The encryption ensures that all communications are private and protected, enhancing the overall gaming experience.


Trading is a crucial part of FantasyRealm. Using our SDK, players can create trading operations to exchange in-game items, represented as NFTs. Players can select the items they want to trade, set the transaction conditions, and send trade proposals to other players. This system makes trading in-game items simple and secure, improving the game's internal economy.


FantasyRealm offers an advanced consultation function thanks to our Oracle integration. Players can access detailed information about in-game items, including metadata and transaction history. This function is essential for players who want to verify the authenticity and value of items before making a trade.


One of FantasyRealm's distinctive features is the socialization function. Players can create public posts using our SDK, sharing their gaming experiences, seeking new guild members, or organizing game events. These posts are visible to the entire player community, allowing social interactions that enrich the gaming experience.

Detailed Scenario

Day 1: Registration and First Login

Luca, an avid MMORPG player, discovers FantasyRealm through a gaming forum. He decides to register and visit the game's website. At the login screen, Luca chooses to use Metamask for authentication. After installing the Metamask browser extension and logging in, Luca sees a signature request in his wallet. This request, facilitated by our SDK, is a critical step to ensure that only he can access his game account. Luca signs the request and is authenticated on FantasyRealm in seconds.

Day 2: Exploring the Chat Function

The next day, Luca decides to explore FantasyRealm's chat function. He wants to form a group to tackle a particularly challenging mission. Thanks to the end-to-end encryption of our SDK, Luca can start private conversations with his game friends and form a group of adventurers. The security of the communications gives him the confidence to share strategies and plans without worrying about privacy.

Day 3: Creating a Trading Operation

Luca finds a rare weapon during a mission but decides to trade it for an armor he has long sought. Using FantasyRealm's trading function, he can select the rare weapon and set the trade conditions. He sends a trade proposal to another player who owns the desired armor. The other player receives the notification and, after verifying the details, accepts the operation. Our SDK facilitates the transaction, ensuring that the weapon and armor are securely transferred between players.

Day 4: Consulting In-Game Item Metadata

Before trading another rare item, Luca wants to verify its authenticity. He uses FantasyRealm's consultation function to access the item's metadata. Thanks to the Oracle integrated into our SDK, Luca can see the item's provenance, its transaction history, and other critical information. This transparency allows him to make informed decisions, increasing his confidence in the game's economy.

Day 5: Socializing in the Gaming Community

Luca decides to create a public post on FantasyRealm to share his positive experience and seek new members for his guild. Using our SDK's socialization function, he writes a detailed post and publishes it on the platform. The FantasyRealm community responds quickly, with many players showing interest. This social interaction not only facilitates the formation of new groups but also enriches Luca's overall experience in the game.


FantasyRealm is an example of how our SDK can transform an online game into an integrated and secure platform. With features for authentication, chat, trading, consultation, and socialization, FantasyRealm offers an unparalleled gaming experience, reducing complexity and increasing security. Our SDK enables games like FantasyRealm to provide a comprehensive service that meets the needs of players in the web3 world.

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