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Installation guide to integrate the SDK into your application.
You can find our official GitHub repository following this link.
You can find our npm page library following this link.
We're open to any kind of contribution. If you've an idea and you want to implement new features on the SDK, please contact the devs team to [email protected]


Open a Terminal or Command Prompt to get started, open a terminal or command prompt on your computer.
Navigate to your project directory, next navigate to the directory where your application is located using the 'cd' command. For example, if your project is located in a folder called 'my-app', you would enter the following command:
cd my-app
Install the SDK once you're in your project directory, you can use npm to install the library. The command to do this is:
npm install @nfttrader-io/sdk --save
This will download and install the library and all its dependencies inside your project. That's it!