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NFT & Fraud Case Studies

“...describes how this new, fast-moving technology creates a ripe opportunity for fraudsters. “
“On OpenSea and Rarible, two major NFT platforms, you don’t have to verify you own something before putting it on the blockchain. Verifying yourself on these platforms is also not difficult; Rarible’s process involves submitting social handles for verification but doesn’t seem to check whether you own those handles, as in Laufman’s case. OpenSea, on the other hand, has foregone verification entirely.”
“"The higher the value of a cryptocurrency, the higher the volume of fraud targeting its users," says Abhilash Garimella, research scientist at fraud prevention firm Bolster,”
“As the digital art world grows and prices soar, NFT marketplaces specializing in digital art may become subject to suspicious activity reporting standards”
Last modified 2yr ago